“Peace is the calm centre through which all of life flows.”

—Excerpt from My Pursuit of Peace


I’m Casilda, or known to my friends as Casi.

Four years ago I had a seemingly ‘perfect’ life and a promising career. But I was one of the 350 million+ people who suffered in silence from depression. Hitting rock bottom and considering ending my life was my wake up call. I quit my career, took some drastic steps and even spent months in the Amazon jungle. Today, I’m depression-free for years.

Depression can be a lonely disease. Each person’s journey is unique, but the struggle unites us. I’m writing a book about my 20-year battle with depression and my liberation from it.
I will be self-publishing My Pursuit of Peace and will expand this online platform as a portal to unite a tribe of people committed to freedom from this disease. The audio and e-book will be available for free or pay-what-you-can.

Depression is rampant in our society. I believe we’ve reached the tipping point, yet we hide this disease to avoid social stigma. By coming forward, I hope to give courage to those still suffering in silence. Through uniting, we see that we are not alone in our struggle. We can share our journey out of depression, and help each other rise.

My corporate career in product development and marketing has given me the skills to bring this project to life and deliver on this goal.

Join me on this journey and help make this project happen!

Join the TRIBE!